Era of AR marketing

marketing done with excitement and innovation
Touch, interact, create it yourself
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AR brings print media to life.

With the "VisionPaper AR-Scanner" in your own app
your print media come to life.
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Immerse yourself in the AR world!

Experience Augmented Reality (AR) as an overwhelming marketing tool!
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Print 4.0

Contemporary and innovative
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New dimensions

More content, more service and more interaction!
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3 steps to use AR in your business

Have it in your app

You can integrate the "VisionLab AR-Scanner" into a new or existing app.

VisionPaper AR scanner

All print media, even if it is already printed, can be set as "markers" and be connected with interactive animated 3d scenes on mobile.

Your print becomes ALIVE

You can update scene in our web editor
even every day.
And make your prints even more usefull.


  • innovation
  • More service and more interaction
  • Experience and support in marketing
  • Strengthening the brand
  • Customer loyalty, strengthening and new recruitment
  • increase sales
  • Direct way to contact and order process
  • Refining and enhancing your great print media
  • Visualize content and make it tangible
  • Emotional response
  • Catalog pages are full at some point
  • Reuse digital content

Our web 3d editor is a maintenance tool developed by us to create and edit AR 3d scenes.

  • Upload PDF of your print product
  • Select different "markers" (even several on one page)
  • Place AR content exactly on the designated areas
  • You decide who should create and update scenes for you:

    We do


    You do

Please check it now!

Happy, our mascot, has few ball tricks to show you.

VisionLab Demo App

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